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> Ahh Tan, those websites are written in Japanese only. I think we should show English pages.
> If there is anyone interested in Nomaneko-problems, I will prepare English pages. Should I write some pages?

Please do - I will try and get some people interested if you can do a
page explaining the situation in English.

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Net users claim music video character resembles bulletin-board art

The popular "Noma Neko" character from the hit song "Koi no Maiahi" is causing a stir among Internet users, who claim that it resembles the "Mona" character frequently used on "Ni-Channel," Japan's biggest Internet bulletin board.

"Noma neko" appeared in the promotion video for the song "Koi no Maiahi," the Japanese title for "Dragostea Din Tei," by Moldovan band O-Zone. This month, T-shirts and other goods featuring the feline character went on sale.

However, tens of thousands of critical comments have appeared on Ni-Channel, saying that the character is being used exclusively by a specified firm.

Avex, the music giant handling the song, said that "Noma Neko" was an adaptation of "Mona" and other "ASCII art" characters, which are drawn using only the letters and symbols on keyboards.

"'Noma Neko' was animated with inspiration from 'Mona' and other ASCII art that has become familiar on Internet message boards, and with these products it was made into a character with new added scenarios," an Avex message posted on a shopping site said.

Avex says that the use of ASCII art characters that already existed "should not be restricted," but debate is continuing on Internet message boards with many users still unable to agree with the firm's stance.

Avex officials said they had no intention of halting sales of "Noma Neko" goods in spite of the large number of critical comments.

"A lot of people posted criticism on Internet message boards. We don't usually make comments on message boards, but we put a comment from our firm on a shopping site. We are not thinking of halting sales of the goods," a company representative said. (Mainichi)

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September 13, 2005

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